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Power your gadgets & appliances 
with this portable generator you can charge under the sun.


fosera PSHS is a 3,25V autonomous and mobile energy system designed for rural electrification. A variety of possible loads transforms the fosera PSHS into a lighting, entertainment or cell phone charging station. The optional USB port allows a wider range of possible applications. The fosera PSHS is also available with two USB outlets as a slar charging station. It is designed to charge several phones, lanterns or other de- vices during the day, such as the fosera Scandle BOP.

Efficient fosera Light

fosera Lamps use high-efficient LED technology with a very long life-time. Based on 5 operating hours per day the LEDs can last up to 27 years without a significant reduction in brightness.

Easy Extension

fosera systems are the first solar energy systems that can grow with growing demand. Up to four different loads at once can be connected, if the energy demand grows, another fosera system can be connected, by simply plugging in one cable. Up to four systems will work perfectly synchronized.

Multiple Applications

PSHS is also available with a USB plug for the universal use of charging devices such as mobile phones or MP3 players. Several lamps, a phone charger, and a radio are currently available. Fosera engineers are cons- tantly expanding the product range.

Easy to Install

fosera systems allow easiest Plug & Play installation. No technical skills or special training are required. Solar modules, loads or extensions can be connected intuitively by only one cable.

Modern Battery Technology

fosera PSHS, as all fosera applications, uses high-quality and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology. Combined with our intelligent battery charge management, the battery can be used for five to ten years and is completely maintenance-free. Compared to other used batteries the lithium iron phosphate technology is high efficient and resistant to capacity losses due to chemical reactions and is environmental friendly. Smartly programmed charge controllers optimize the life span of the batteries enormously; an intuitive designed LED display shows the state of battery charge.

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