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Top 4 Reasons to Invest in a Solar Kit

Everyone is getting the green thumb for a good reason — our ecosystems are slowly dying everyday from the huge amount of waste, air pollution, and unnatural energy we make. Going sustainable isn’t easy and it can be overwhelming for some because they have no idea where to begin.

Some end up following fads like metal straws and tumblers, but the main cause of global warming is still unaddressed, which is how we tear apart our natural resources for artificial energy sources to power our homes.

You can start your sustainable journey here. We’re letting you in on a little gem we manufacture and distribute all over the world: the Fosera ® Blue Line PSHS solar kit!

Convenient and Portable

It’s a small generator you can charge using solar energy and use as a mobile phone charging port or a handy flashlight in times of trouble or when you’re on the go. For the busy workers, you can simply tote it around in your bag because of its compact size.

Longer Shelf Life

Lithium batteries tend to leak after a while, the Fosera ® Blue Line PSHS won’t even leak toxic chemicals or take up electricity. So it’s the perfect generator to pack up in your emergency survival kit at home.

Impeccable Power

Fosera is one of the few solar energy brands that have met the Lighting Global Quality Standards. It has the capacity to charge lamps, cellphones, gaming devices, and even your electric fan.

Easy to Use

The Fosera ® Blue Line PSHS solar kit doesn’t require complicated and bulky wiring to start using it. Simply leave it out in the sun during peak morning and afternoon hours to charge it then attach USB cables on one of the four ports in the device.

You’re not only saving mother Earth, you’re also giving yourself access to a cleaner and better way to powering your house.

Need more convincing? Check out our website to learn more about our products and services.

Solaready Philippines is the premiere solar energy company, dedicated to introduce each home to a greener energy source. Call us today at (+632) 519 0387 or email us at



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