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Why should schools and universities go solar?

Filipino homeowners put solar panels on their roof to save on electric bills, and even commercial buildings to draw new business and “go green.” Today, solar panel installations in schools are becoming more popular.

Solar panels for schools and universities have numerous benefits. Here are a few of the significant benefits of solar panels for schools:

Most university roofs are suitable for solar installation

Some residential roofs may not be a good candidate for solar installation. Universities and schools, on the other hand, typically have high-quality roofs made of materials that are suitable for solar panel installation. Most schools are also equipped with plenty of roof space in which solar panels can be installed.

Solar power provides unlimited and sustainable energy

While fossil fuels are a finite source of energy, solar power is not. Solar panels are designed to work on cloudy days, and even in winter environments. Solar panels can generate a significant amount of power for universities and schools that install them.

Solar power will reduce the school’s operating costs

Power rates in the Philippines are among the highest in Southeast Asia according to the latest available data from the Department of Energy (DOE). Because schools and universities use a great deal of electricity, they have been some of the primary victims of these price hikes. Solar power is a free source of energy has proven to be a more economical and clean alternative to fossil fuels. Solar panels on school roofs could reduce air pollution, help the environment, and cut electricity costs.

Solar power could help boost enrollment

Solar powered school roofs are attractive to eco-minded students, teachers, and supporters. A school or university that installs a solar panel system could easily see an increase in enrollment. Many of the modern students nowadays look for options that offer environmentally-conscious practices, renewable power, and eco-friendly facilities. Not only do solar panels produce energy, but they attract modern students and parents with the institution’s green reputation.

The Solaready PH team has completed the installation of 50.7 kW Panasonic Solar PV System at Biblical Seminary of the Philippines in Karuhatan, Valenzuela.

Schools and universities play a pivotal role in any community, as they provide a place where people learn and grow. When an educational organization decides to harness clean energy from the sun, it is setting an example for the rest of the community to follow.

Transition your education centers to solar power and set an example for the entire community to follow. Contact #SolareadyPH at (+632) 519 0387 or (+63) 917 534 8178 for more information about solar power in schools.



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