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Why shopping malls should go solar?

Investing in a solar power system can be the smartest investment that a shopping mall owner will ever make. In fact, famous shopping malls in the Philippines have been leading clean energy shift with solar roofs in the past years.

Solar roofs for shopping centers have numerous benefits. Here are a few of the significant benefits of solar panels for shopping malls or commercial centers:

Solar protects shopping malls against electricity rate hikes for 25 years

Shopping malls are some of the best candidates to install solar panels because they’re open for almost 16 hours a day with utilities such as air-conditioning, lighting, elevators, escalators, food court facilities, etc. that are running all day. As a result, shopping malls are vulnerable towards increasing electricity prices and are over dependent on expensive diesel backup power. Solar panels for malls are a practical solution and guaranteed to produce free electricity for 25 years.

Solar protects shopping malls against power outages

Solar power can provide electricity when the regular grid has an outage. Electricity can be stored in batteries, large capacitors, and other types of devices that store energy until it is needed during an emergency or when the sun goes down. Solar power provides an efficient source of emergency power, communications and water purifications for the shopping mall's tenants and employees.

"Going Solar" helps shopping malls to reduce their carbon footprint

Aside from saving money, renewable energy produces zero air pollution. Installing solar panels on shopping mall rooftops provides great publicity for reducing pollution.

Solar power generates positive and eco-friendly shopping mall reputation

Installing solar power on shopping mall rooftops helps migrate as many residential and commercial customers to solar energy. When a commercial center decides to harness clean energy from the sun, it is setting an example for the rest of the community to follow.

The Solaready Inc. team has completed the installation of 500 kW Panasonic Solar PV System at Fiesta World Mall in Lipa City, Batangas.

This is just the first among the Fiesta World Mall's many big steps toward sustainability. Solaready PH aims to help more businesses in the Philippines find ways on how to make their operations more environmentally sound and sustainable.

Protect your shopping mall against future electric rate hikes and attract customers with your green reputation.

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