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What is the Solar Capacity in the Philippines?

The Philippines is blessed with the tropical season, and what better way to utilize our abundant resources than by going solar!

In fact, due to the popular demand for renewable energy, the solar energy market in the Philippines is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.40% during the forecast period of 2020 – 2025.

Although the installation charge is costly, homeowners see the value in it for long term investment. Which is why National policies from the government are being integrated to enact clean air in the city.

However, an inefficient electricity grid infrastructure in the country is expected to hinder the growth of the market studied in the coming years.

Solar energy provides an immediate solution to the country’s growing energy needs. With steadily-falling costs of solar power equipment and the short amount of time needed to install and commission solar power projects, the solar photovoltaic systems are increasingly becoming popular among the consumers and industries across the Philippines.

As of 2019, the FiT scheme is the main means used to promote investment in renewable energy, with other regulatory policies, including the utility quota obligation (to be determined), net metering, etc.

However, the residential and commercial sector has witnessed limited growth in the past few years, despite the net metering policy in place, for PV installation of up to 100 kW in size, since 2013. The slow growth has been witnessed mainly due to administrative, financial, and regulatory hurdles, preventing small owners and medium-sized enterprises from installing rooftop solar.

With Solaready PH, we can help determine the best solar capacity for your home and take care of the necessary permits to make your solar energy dream a reality!

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