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What if the World's Biggest Pollution Machines Turned to Solar Power?

Over 90% of all our products, appliances, and gadgets are made in factories. From the biggest machines like refrigerators to the smallest staple beauty must-haves like your lipstick. If it has a manufacturing date on the label or model, it was definitely made and shipped from a factory somewhere in the world.

And that’s where environmental concerns come in. The factories that are necessary to sustain human products are the main enemies we have against global warming. When their machines manufacture items such as plastic parts of a computer or a pair of jeans, they have the tendency to emit “toxic chemicals” that spill to the ocean or pollute our air.

It has been long since this issue was addressed by environmental groups and most factories have developed eco-friendly ways to emit their gas discharge and smoke emission. But is it enough?

Ever Bilena, the Filipino cosmetics Giant, has turned to solar energy in powering their warehouse.

“Sustainable energy is a long-term investment for us,” shared Dioceldo S. Sy, the President of Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. “It helps lower our power needs and it’s better for the environment.”

This is a Philippine company that has both the beauty of women and nature in mind. And if we can get every factory and warehouse to do make the same switch, we’ll be able to preserve the sanctity of our surroundings.

At Solaready PH, we were able to power up schools and buildings by harnessing the energy of the sun. And we believe if all factories followed suit like Ever Bilena, our planet can once again rise up from years of pollution from both man and machine.

Want to make the switch at home, too? Visit our website at to get you started on your sustainable journey.



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