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What are the Components of a Solaready Home?

A Solaready Home is a house that saves both the environment and energy bills!

Each Solaready home can give up to 30% monthly savings and protection from power outage.

To give quality performance, a Solaready Home is made up of the following components:

Solar Inverter

Converting sunlight to solar energy that powers your home is no easy feat. But thanks to your solar system inverter, it’s a piece of cake.

It automatically converts energy from your panels to your appliances.

For small households, a 4 kW system inverter is highly beneficial.

Solar Panels

Solar power comes from harnessing energy from the sun. To absorb energy, panels are laid out on your roof where it can soak in solar power day in and day out.

That’s right, your solar roof still absorbs the sun even at night and during cloudy days.

One of the most durable panels out there are the REC 400 DEYE solar panels. Apart from their capability to withstand harsh environments, you can also enjoy 25 years of warranty coverage.


A battery stores leftover energy in case of scarce sunny days.

Think of it as a generator you can rely on during the typhoon season in the Philippines. For high-quality batteries, you can look into the Pylontech batteries which most of our Solaready homeowners love.

Our Solaready team can get you set up for a renewable future.

Call us now at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email your inquiries at



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