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What are 2020 Crises Teaching us in Making Smart Investments?

The first few months of 2020 caught us off guard: threat of world war 3, Taal volcano eruption, face mask shortage, the Australian bushfires, COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s not even April yet!

So what is 2020 teaching each one of us? The power of empathy and the value of preparedness. Rather than stepping over each other, we must learn to uplift one another during hard times. Especially now when we’re on home quarantine, facing an imminent threat taking thousands of lives a day.

How can you make smart investments from here on out?

These are a few things you should focus on:

1. Value Time with Loved Ones

The home quarantine period has given everyone unlimited time to be with their family. However, those serving in the frontlines such as healthcare workers, janitors, doctors, and even security guards, aren’t experiencing the level of comfort you do.

Most patients are trying to get better on their own since visitors are strictly prohibited to contain the virus. So when the dust settles in and we proudly raise the “COVID-19 FREE” banner, let us not take our loved ones for granted.

2. Prepare your Own Emergency Kit

Hundreds of people clamored for face masks, grocery stock, and rubbing alcohol. A lot of people weren’t so lucky to get these basic tools for survival. But when you have your own emergency kit ready with the essentials, you won’t have to endure long lines and the stress of looking for such necessities.

3. Start an Emergency Fund and Cut Daily Costs

Money stowed away for a rainy day will always be worth it. If you don’t have an emergency fund at hand, you should begin a seperate one as the pandemic ends. We’ll never know when we will face another crisis.

You can save up for it in various ways, too. Like getting a solar powered roof for instance, which cuts monthly energy bills by 20%. That’s a huge contribution to your budding savings.

4. Invest in Nature

No people outside means nature can breathe freely. The air is clear, the sky isn’t grim with pollution, and polluted water turns blue. While it’s wrong to think of this pandemic as a “blessing” for self-reflection and healing, we should all continue the positive change in our environment.

Support environmental initiatives, switch to solar-powered roofs, grow your own herb garden, opt for carpools and walking, there are so many ways to carry on the great sight we’re seeing right now.

For making better and smarter investments, trust in Solaready PH, the first solar energy company in the Philippines. Visit our website at for more information.


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