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We exist to make the difference in electricity generation

Updated: May 16, 2018


Changing the way how our country generates electricity and is powered is quite ambitious, let alone the whole world. But that is the purpose of Solaready PH, and it is why our team of PV professionals does what we do every day. The importance of societal change cannot be overemphasized, especially now that global warming is proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over the past decades. It is difficult to imagine creating a pivotal social change more than reducing the world's dependence on polluting fossil fuels and addressing climate change. It has always been Solaready's goal to change the way people, especially Filipinos, think about and produce energy. And we are committed in harnessing the sun's power so all of us can enjoy the clean, overwhelming energy it provides.

One of our founders started this journey more than 40 years ago. Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett was the very first Filipino who envisioned the use of clean, renewable energy throughout the country way back 1976. During the time, he was an Executive Assistant to the late Mr. Enrique Zobel, Chairman and President of Ayala Corporation. Mr. Zobel commissioned Mr. Puckett to build solar and wind energy projects for the formers’ real estate properties in Spain, California, Hawaii and the Philippines. Since then, he has imagined the future of the Philippines utilizing cleaner energy generated by renewable resources – wind, solar and geothermal among others.

At present, Mr. Puckett is joined by the thriving entrepreneur, Mr. Miguel de Asis who runs his family-owned business freight forwarding and logistics.

A solar power pro and an entrepreneur share the passion of harnessing the sun’s power to provide high quality solar solutions for small- to large-scale installations. Solaready PH had arrived.

Will You Join Us?

The future of solar and with solar is remarkably bright. Researches show that solar power could be world's main energy by 2050(1).


Our purpose is to provide quality and innovative solar products and services that clients recommend to families and friends, thus creating a whole new community that shifts from sole dependency on carbon-based fuels to sustainable, clean and renewable energy.

Likewise, it is our goal to deliver solutions that would reach every community and free each Filipino family from the burden of rising electricity costs—making each family its own electric company.

Take the first step today by subscribing to our page and share the content that sparks your interest and/or inspires you.

Our mission and the opportunity to work with you inspire us every single day.

Be a part of it with us.




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