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Water-powered irrigation–solution to agri woes

Purposely providing agricultural land with water, other than rain, improves pastures and crop production. Irrigation raises land productivity, allowing a second crop to be grown during the dry season when yields are potentially higher. Yet, even with that potential, most farmland in the country remains not irrigated. Factors may include high cost irrigation equipment and the prospect of wasteful irrigation techniques that raises the issue of environmental damage including water shortages and erosion.

But small-scale watering systems could circumvent those issues. Low-cost, low-tech, and efficient irrigation is possible.

The Barsha Pump, (“Barsha” meaning rain in Nepalese), is a water-wheel propelled pump that uses the energy of flowing rivers and canals to pump water, regardless of flow velocity and without requiring any fuel or electricity. It lifts water from mountainside to elevated agricultural lands.

This pump provides a sustainable solution to farmers globally. It works on the principle of spiral pumping, using the kinetic energy of the waterwheel to pump water to higher elevations without the need for active mechanical parts to create pumping action. The pump consists of spirals where air is compressed between water columns resulting in air pressure that lifts the water.

The current version with 1.5m in diameter is able to lift up to 20 metres vertical head and 2 km inland in flat lands, while reaching up to 40,000 liters of water per day, depending on the flow velocity of the water.

The water pumped can be used to flood fields, pump to a reservoir to couple with an irrigation system such as a sprinkler. This suits small to mid-sized commercial farms that lift water from flowing water sources.

The use of Barsha pump helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions (250-500 kg/hectare) by replacing conventional diesel pumps and, at the same time, helps enhance food security.

This sustainable, low-maintenance irrigation solution that has virtually zero operating cost is available at Solaready PH.

Solaready Philippines is a team of renewable energy enthusiasts and experts, with a track record in delivering and performing reliable and affordable clean energy projects and products—hydro, wind, and solar. Visit for more details.


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