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True Eco Warriors commit to Renewable Energy

“There is no planet B.”

All eco-warriors find themselves chanting this mantra with each sustainable switch they make: carrying reusable cups and utensils, refusing straws and plastic, doing compost pits, recycling clothes, and more.

However, the best way to lessen your carbon footprint and aid global warming is by switching to solar energy.

Energy Plays a Big Role in Everyday

It’s true that each recycled plastic makes a difference. But if you take a step back, you’ll see that it's only a ripple to the effect you want to make in the world.

Bigger outcomes need bigger changes. Going solar is the best way to rid yourself of eco-guilt when you plug in your devices or leave the AC on all day.

When energy, one of the most essential parts of your daily life, is harnessed from the sun, you won’t be leaving behind any harmful effects.

Solar Power Promotes Financial Freedom

You read it right, the investment you make comes back to you tenfold.

The monthly savings on energy bills will certainly amount to big savings. No more shocking power bills or worrisome power outages.

You’ll enjoy up to 40% off your monthly energy costs with solar power.

One Time Installment, A Lifetime of Customer Service

The big, brave change to renewable energy deserves to be rewarded with a lifetime of customer service.

Solaready Inc. clients are always raving about how responsive our team is for all their inquires and emergency repairs.

When you entrust your energy with us, we’ll match it with what you deserve: absolute customer satisfaction.

Ready to stake your claim as a true eco-warrior?

Call us at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178.

You can also email your inquiries at



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