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Toyota Balintawak leading the way in sustainability with 90kW Solar Installation by Solaready Inc.

Updated: Mar 26

Toyota Balintawak Solaready

Toyota Balintawak isn't just known for its impressive selection of vehicles – it's also leading the way in sustainability with a massive 90kW solar panel installation by Solaready Inc. This impressive renewable project showcases the numerous benefits of solar power for businesses, particularly car dealerships.

Toyota Balintawak Solaready

Why Solar Makes Sense for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships have unique energy demands. With bright showrooms that need constant lighting to showcase vehicles and powerful service bays brimming with equipment, their electricity bills can be significant.

Toyota Balintawak Solaready

Here's how solar panels can help:

·       Lower Meralco Bills

The Meralco bill savings from a 90kW system like Toyota Balintawak's can be substantial, freeing up capital for other investments in inventory, staff training, or even customer service upgrades.

·       Enhanced Brand Reputation

Customers increasingly appreciate businesses that prioritize sustainability and actively take steps to reduce their environmental impact. Highlighting your switch to solar power can be a great marketing tool and position your dealership as a leader in the community.

·       Long-Term Smart Investment

Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years or more, with rising energy costs being a constant concern, solar power offers a hedge against future electricity price fluctuations.

·       Government Incentives

The Philippines offers incentives for businesses that invest in renewable energy that can further reduce the initial investment cost and make solar an even more attractive option.


This 90kW project will drastically reduce Toyota Balintawak’s dependency on traditional energy sources, resulting in a cleaner future. While there is no denying the environmental advantages, it is also important to consider the economical benefits. The dealership should expect significant cost savings during the system's lifespan, freeing up resources for future expansion and innovation.

Toyota Balintawak Solaready

Solaready Inc. has a long history of driving progress in the renewable energy industry. Their significant portfolio comprises commercial high-rises, industrial facilities, residential residences, and government buildings.  Whether you operate a car dealership, a commercial facility, or a home, Solaready has the expertise to design and install a solar power system that suits your exact requirements and budget.

Toyota Balintawak Solaready

Contact Solaready today for a free consultation and see how solar power can help your business save money, enhance your brand image, and contribute to a sustainable future.

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