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Tips to Stay Safe and Save Up at Home

During our month-long quarantine, money will definitely be thin. Especially for workers who cannot do remote office work. Which makes staying at home for a month both uncomfortable and worrisome.

For wise money moves in the face of a pandemic, here are a few tips for you:

1. Go On a Grocery Run Every Two Weeks

While it may be tempting to order from open restaurants, opt to shop for food in grocery stores instead. Apart from the wide selection of choices, you can save up better for the coming weeks.

Just remember to practice social distancing, disinfect your hands, keep your quarantine pass with you (if your local government released one), and take a long bath after your grocery run.

2. Focus on the Essentials

Cancel your monthly gym plan and stop online shopping. Just until everything normalizes again. You can use the money for gas, food, energy bills, and even cable or Netflix to keep your family entertained.

3. Utilize Free Training Videos

Youtube has millions of good content for yoga training, exercises, cooking, playing instruments, and so much more. You can use your extra hours developing a new skill. Most importantly - it’s free!

4. Invest in Money-Saving Home Projects

After the pandemic, it’s important to practice these money saving tips as an emergency fund. A good way to save up on monthly costs is by installing a solar powered roof.

It’ll be a huge help in times of crises. Many homeowners we’ve installed solar energy roofs are enjoying the benefits in full now that they’re home quarantined.

Solaready Philippines, the first solar energy company, urges everyone to stay home and be safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wash your hands regularly and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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