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Throwback to Solaready PH founder's budding solar career with late actor Nestor de Villa

As mentioned in the previous blog post, research on photo-voltaic cells and interest in the potential of mainstream solar installations had only begun in early 70s. And yet at that same time here in the Philippines, Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett, one of the two Solaready PH founders, have already launched his pioneering career in solar. 

Gines Soriano aka Nestor de Villa (left) and Robert Lopez - Puckett (right)

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It was in '70s when Mr. Puckett, together with musical fim actor and on-screen movie and television partner to Ms. Nida Blanca, the late Mr. Nestor de Villa (whose real name is Gines Soriano) founded Natural Energy Systems. The company sold solar energy systems to big names in commercial real estate business. 


In 1975, Mr. Puckett and Mr. Soriano were tapped by the Enriquez Group, then-owner of the sprawling Puerto Azul Resort in Ternate, Cavite City to install solar water heating system in their 350-room resort. The resort was a lush pleasure destination enjoyed by people all around the world. 

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It was followed in 1980, when the two young entrepreneurs were again commissioned by the Enriquez Group to install solar water heaters in their elegant boutique hotel, Sulo Hotel in Quezon City also.

Solar water heaters generate hot water for the property with zero-cost fuel—sunshine. Because hotels and other  huge commercial properties use large amount of hot water, solar water heating systems are a perfect match for their needs. Solar water heater also lowers the carbon footprint with its lower carbon dioxide emissions.  

Natural Energy Systems and their solar water heater installations landed other big clients such as Don Enrique Zobel who tapped them in 1979 for his Punta Baluarte Intercontinental Resort in Calatagan, Batangas; and Joseph McMicking, married to Mercedes Zobel and patriarch of Ayala Corporation, for his Calatagan home. 

Learn how innovative leaders and companies are improving their business with solar energy systems straight from the solar pro, Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett.

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