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The Solaready PH Team - Your number one go-to professional solar providers in the country

Meet our team.

Your number one go-to professional solar providers in the Philippines.

Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett's drive and commitment in advocating for the use and development of clean, renewable energy have helped Solaready PH put its mark as the country's trusted solar power provider.

Prior to Solaready Inc., Mr. Puckett was the president of the Natural Energy Systems and Solar Electric Company Inc., which both promoted solar and wind energy installations throughout the country from the 80s to 90s; and whose clients include Mr. Zobel de Ayala and large real estate groups like the Enriquez Group, then-owner of the sprawling Puerto Azul Resort in Ternate, Cavite City.

Together with Mr. Puckett is the self-confessed "entrepreneur by heart," Mr. Miguel de Asis who runs his family-owned business freight forwarding and logistics.

Mr. de Asis aimed to venture in an enterprise that primarily seek and create social value and address social problems on a long-term and large-scale perspective, specifically solar.

Completing the Solaready PH team are Photo voltaic (PV) professionals who share the motivation and passion of preserving the planet's resources through solar technology and of eventually freeing Filipino families from the burden of rising electricity costs—making each family its own electric company.

We are excited to work with you!

Let us offer you creative packaging solutions that fit your budget while giving you the optimum solar energy for your needs.

Call us at (+632) 519 0378 or leave us a message here.


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