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The Solar Power Pioneer

Renewable energy had an upward trend since it first made its way in the Philippines.

In fact, Solaready PH’s founder, Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett, is the man who first introduced solar energy to the country.

He is considered the grandmaster of clean and renewable energy in the country since 1976. Mr. Robert Puckett, along with star entrepreneur Mr. Miguel de Asis, established Solaready PH for a future powered by clean energy.

And they were right, after decades of Filipinos discovering the joys of solar energy, homeowners have been saving up to invest in the best for their homes.

The Impact of Clean Energy

Since the 2000s, industrialization has expanded and made way to get more affordable solar power options to the people. Solar installation companies have sprouted and it became a whole new market for business, which gives homeowners a lot more options.

If you are to breeze through a neighborhood, you’re bound to come across a house with black solar panels on the roof. The awareness of Filipinos for environmental issues also contributed to its rise.

CIties have gone plastic-free, people are doing zero waste, and plenty are adapting to a sustainable lifestyle.

Thus, renewable energy became a must.

In the past year, people saw the value of clean energy. With months of lockdown and people staying at home, electric bills skyrocketed.

But not for homeowners with solar panels on their roofs. They had no power interruptions or looming expensive utilities.

It even became a popular trend in one of the largest local Facebook groups in the Philippines called Home Buddies. With over 1 million members, people are sharing their solar power journey and testimonies in saving up by investing in clean energy.

You can enjoy these benefits, too.

Turn on the sun with us at Solaready PH.

Call us at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email your inquiries at



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