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The Fosera Christmas Promo

Deck the halls! Christmas season is near and it’s that time of the year to hang out colorful lights and decorations. Do you know you can light up your merry feast and decorations with renewable energy?

This holiday season, Solaready Philippines is offering a Christmas promo for the Fosera Solar Home System. It’s the perfect solar kit for families who want to turn to solar energy in powering their homes. We know the transition from the familiar artificial electricity is rough, that’s why you should start small with our Solar Home System.

And best of all, we’re offering the Fosera Solar Home System for a Christmas Promo of only 3,700 pesos only! This promo comes with the complete kit:

Solar PV panel

Lithium Battery

Set Cable

3 pcs. LED Lamps

Phone Charger

AM/FM Radio

All of these accessories are handy and can even fit in one shoebox. It’s even a great gift to give a loved one who you wish to influence in using sustainable energy sources.

For more information on our solar kits and other products, visit our website at or contact us at (+632) 8 519 0387 or at to learn more.

Solaready PH is the premiere solar energy company providing clean and renewable solar power to hundreds of homes and businesses. Make the switch this holiday season, and together, let’s make the future brighter.



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