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Solaready's Most Exciting Project in 2019

2019 has been a good year at Solaready PH. We’ve tapped more clients both locally and internationally. We have switch dozens of businesses and residential houses to solar power in an effort to push sustainability in urban and rural areas in the Philippines.

By far, the most exciting and biggest project we’ve handled has been transforming the energy source of a beloved Maldives hotel, Kinān Retreat.

Maldives is known as a well-loved tourist destination. That is why the high volume of tourists has driven Maldives to go green and implement eco-tourism; to preserve the sanctity of their picturesque and breathtaking landscape.

Solaready Inc., the premiere solar energy company, was trusted by Kinān Retreat to install a 5-kilowatt on-grid solar system as their energy source. The clean and renewable energy has allowed Kinān Retreat to save up on energy costs and produce less heat that contributes to global warming.

Now, tourists in Kinān Retreat can enjoy their vacation without causing much harm to the environment. Kinān Retreat is officially a fossil-fuel-free guesthouse.

There are still thousands of islands, local tourist spots, big enterprises, and commercial establishments out there who are yet to see the value of going solar-powered.

At Solaready, we’re continuously pushing barriers to promote sustainable energy. We look onwards to a new, better year in hopes of much bigger projects in our hands.

Go solar today.

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