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Solaready founder headed Enrique Zobel - approved solar PV installations in the '70s

Four decades ago, researches on cutting the cost of solar photo-voltaic cells had just begun. Big, international companies had recognized that oil would be too expensive in the future and began to invest in solar research.

Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett (left) and Mr. Enrique Zobel (right)

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But in the Philippines, Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett, one of the two Solaready PH founders, had already envisioned the use of clean, renewable energy throughout the country.

In 1976, he was executive assistant to the late Mr. Enrique Zobel, Chairman and President of Ayala Corporation. Mr. Zobel commissioned Mr. Puckett to build solar and wind energy projects for his real estate properties in Spain, California, Hawaii and the Philippines.

And it was only in 1979 that solar panels were installed on the roof of the White House in America.

The following are the projects commissioned for Don Enrique Zobel:


Solar Powered Swimming Pool Filter Pump in 1981 and 1982, respectively at Hacienda Bigaa , Calatagan, Batangas

A pool pump-unit may be the largest single electricity user but with solar powered swimming pool filtration system, the pool can be kept clean all day long with zero energy cost.

Solar Charging System for Telecommunications and Solar Water Heater for the plane hangar of Hacienda Bigaa, Calatagan, Batangas, 1979

Solar Powered Irrigation System for Rice Fields of Hacienda Bigaa in Calatagan , Batangas , 1981

The pumps used for the transport of the water are equipped with solar cells which absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. The use of solar energy in irrigation can be beneficial to farmers in very rural areas and developing countries.

Solar Powered Lighting System and Solar Water Heater In guest house of Hacienda Bigaa , Calatagan , Batangas, 1979

Solar Battery Charging System for Poultry Incubator of Hacienda Bigaa, Calatagan , Batangas, 1979

Solar Battery Charging for Warehouse Lights of Hacienda Bigaa , Calatagan , Batangas, 1979

Solar Powered Streetlight in the rest house of the late Don Enrique Zobel in Alfonso, Cavite

The Philippines is not lagging behind in terms of supporting and exploring innovative technology. More so, the architect responsible for the boom of the country’s financial capital, no less than Don Enrique Zobel, has believed in the potential of solar energy and its socioeconomic and environmental impact as early as four decades back.

Solaready PH is humbled to have been part of the evolution of solar photo-voltaic from small scale applications to mainstream electricity source, through one of its founders, Mr. Puckett.

You, too, can also be our partner to a cleaner future.

Let's talk about your first solar power system and find out how much you can save.

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