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SOLAREADY BILL REVIEW: Fiesta World Mall, Lipa reduces electricity bill by 25%

Lipa City's well-loved shopping center's owner, Ms. Gwendolyn Wong took to Facebook to post the photo of installed solar panels on top of Fiesta World Mall.

In her post, the satisfied Solaready client said that their shopping mall reduced their electricity bill by 25% on their first month using solar panels. She also added 5 new air-conditioning units and increased its operating hours.

Fiesta World Mall inked a partnership with Solaready Philippines last February 2019 as it embarks on enhancing its facility with roof-mounted, grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Not only this rooftop format aims to utilize unused space, but also to provide a system that efficiently offsets a majority of the mall's daytime electrical consumption and reduces operating costs. Most importantly, the green roof also helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Solaready PH aims to help more businesses in the Philippines find ways on how to make their operations more environmentally sound and sustainable.

Protect your shopping mall against future electric rate hikes and attract customers with your green reputation.

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