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Solar solution to make the most out of your home budget

There are a lot of things we do to effectively manage the family budget: take homemade lunch to work, organize grocery shopping, or even participate in rewards programs. But if you're hoping to save more, maybe try to look closely at how you use energy at home (and where your energy comes from). You might be surprised to know how changing the way we power our homes can make a big difference.

We couldn't run our homes these days without major appliances such as fridges, washing machines, and air conditioning units. But you may not be aware exactly how much these appliances cost to operate.

An air conditioning unit with one horsepower (1.0 HP) running for 12 hours costs more than Php 16,000 annually. And if you use refrigerators too, which runs up Php 5,000 annually, the daily costs really start to add up.

With solar system, reducing these costs is easier—let your solar system power the machine. The electricity they generate is free.

To maximize consumption of solar power you generate you may also wish to add an energy storage solution. With a combined solar panel and battery system, your solar system automatically stores any excess energy produced by your solar system during the day, instead of exporting back to the grid. So during peak energy periods (i.e. early evening), you can avoid buying power from the grid by using your stored energy.

There's more to the sun than just mere sunlight; it can power our homes. With right knowledge and solar power system at home, you can change how you use your household appliances—giving you better control of finances.

If you don't have a solar installed yet, consulting an expert is a great (and free) way to see how it could help your budget.



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