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Solar Panels for Your Business


Here's a quick guide to know if your company is right for solar.

1. Do you own the building or property?

Only building or property owners can approve the installation of a solar installation. This allows Solaready Philippines to develop efficient and affordable arrays that work best for the facility and the company’s bottom-line.

2. Do you have a large, open roof or ground space?

Large, open roof or ground space can make the design and installation process move more quickly. However, as each roof is unique, Solaready PH team will design an installation that maximizes energy production.

3. Do you have higher energy use during daytime?

Commercial plants and buildings benefit from solar panels as most of their energy use occurs in the day. When a factory’s energy use is at its peak, a solar power system will equivalently be at peak production whereas at night, the facility requires little energy while the solar system is dormant.

4. Does your area get enough sunlight for solar energy?

While the photo-voltaic potential of a site impacts the amount of energy produced, even areas with less sunshine can benefit from a well-placed solar array.

5. Will your choice to go solar and sustainable business practices impact customer satisfaction?

Promoting environment-friendly methods can set your business apart from competitors and attract new customers. If your solar panels are prominently displayed or can otherwise be leveraged to exhibit your eco-ethics, the installations can be a solid marketing investment.

Considering of going solar?

Forward-thinking businesses, institutions, and government agencies are considering this clean renewable energy source as a way to control costs and better manage their electricity use.

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