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Solar-paneled German car zooms in on market this 2019

The year is indeed 2019 and the first mass-produced electric car that runs on sunshine is upon us.

The new Sion Solar Car is the first mass-produced electric car that can charge its battery with integrated solar energy capacity. Sono Motors, a German startup, is behind the development of this innovative compact minivan.

“It’s not a solar car that you can only drive when it’s sunny, it’s an electric car that recharges itself,” said Laurin Hahn, one of the founders of Sono Motors. “Imagine a combustion engine car where a guy fills up your tank every day, for free, with a few liters.”

Although the car will have a fast-charge port, solar panels covering the roof, sides, and rear of the body will provide up to 18 miles of travel a day in the summertime. The feature makes it a good alternative for buyers who want an electric car but may live in an apartment where they don't have access to home charging and can't put solar panels on their roofs.

Impressed? Do you like it on our roads, too?

Did you know that back in 2007, the electric jeepney was introduced in the country by Solaready PH founder Mr. Robert Puckett. Although electric-powered vehicles such as the E-jeepney prove to be most advantageous in the metro and most beneficial to the environment, it needed warmer reception from the public.

We want to emphasize, green revolution shouldn't stop at home or business properties. The transportation industry could also tap renewable energy solutions and deserves greater attention. Visionary projects like the E-jeepney and Sion Solar Car are sustainable measures that would help move the planet toward a greener tomorrow.

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