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Solar LED lights for safer, attractive, and more livable cities

Our roads and streets are a vital part of the country’s infrastructure, essential to support the population’s mobility and economic growth. Today, local governments are under increasing pressure to reduce energy cost and promote positive environmental impact, without compromising the safety and welfare of road users. Sunceco Solar LED street and garden lighting is an intelligent all-in-one solution.

Safer roads

The incidence of vehicular accidents in the Philippines, particularly in the National Capital Region is increasing. But these vehicular mishaps could be prevented with improved road conditions. Poor lighting or none at all can make it very difficult for motorists to see hazards or objects clearly at night. Crashes on motorways are more fatal where there are no street lights. Road lighting not only reduces the risk of traffic mishaps but also their severity.

Further, improved street lighting can be an effective crime prevention tool as it increases the risk of offenders being detected; and people feel safer in well illuminated areas, increasing their activity, which can improve surveillance and deter crime.

Sunceco Solar LED street and garden lighting has the best quality components such as Grade A Lithium iron phosphate solar battery with lifespan of 8 years, Bridgelux LED chip and built-in LED driver are the guarantees for safe operation with unchanged performance during minimum 50,000 hours. It provides continuous illumination time of up to 36 hours and available range of LED chips power fully satisfies the needs of both public area and local roads lighting requirements as well as residential areas and gardens. Plus it has installed 960p camera for long distance monitoring using WiFi or SIM card.

Do more with Less

Sunceco Solar LED lighting solutions address environmental concerns and while staying within the budget. Practical and beautiful, efficient and sustainable, Sunceco Solar LED street and garden lighting balances impressive energy cost savings and carbon dioxide reduction with the high quality light that make roads and streets feel safer and welcoming.

Be at the forefront of lighting innovation in today’s rapidly changing world with Sunceco and Solaready PH.

If you wish to improve the safety on your roads and streets, message us at and/or connect with us at



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