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Solar Energy: The Smart Investment for Online Classes

Times have definitely changed. One of the biggest changes we’re facing this 2020 is the shift to online classes.

All students from preschool to college are struggling to keep up with the demanding and critical aspects of online learning. These challenges namely stem from the equipment they use—computer, internet connection, and device speed.

However, none of these key points to online learning will work without electricity.

With the grueling storms and rotating power outages, how can you secure their education at home? It’s simple: switch to solar power!

Solar Power Serves as a Back-up Power Source

Your household will continue running in the event of a blackout.

Solaready PH offers the best quality of solar panels from Panasonic. These high-quality renewable energy products are guaranteed to last long.

A bonus from us at Solaready, the pioneer in solar energy in the Philippines, we offer these products with a lifetime service repair coverage.

Bigger Savings for Your Family

Do you find solar energy daunting because of the high installment fees? Think ahead!

You’ll earn back your investment in no time. Solar power allows you to save up to 40% on your monthly energy bills. That’s almost half of what you normally shell out on high energy fees.

With these big savings in the long run, you can save up for other important needs, especially with the expensive tuition fees in good schools. Or perhaps it's time to take a family vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

The financial freedom you can get from solar power opens up endless opportunities for you.

Renewable Energy Teaches the Values of Sustainability

Investing in solar energy also teaches sustainability for your family.

The long term benefits will stretch to the next generation!

After all, education is important, but personal values shape your children into responsible citizens, capable of becoming environmental change-makers.

Solar power is indeed the ultimate investment you can make for your children. Not just for their online classes currently implemented. Think ahead of the times.

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