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Smart business owners tap clean, free solar energy

Sustainability is hardly just a buzzword anymore. It is smart business. By the day, the importance of being practical grows clearer. And as we hear of increasing environmental crises and rising energy costs, sustainability in the form of renewable energies is catching on quickly.


Today, it is crucial for businessmen to commit themselves to healthier communities for building environment-friendly and sustainable projects.

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, renewable energy such as solar will be the fastest-growing power source through the next two decades.


Meanwhile, the Philippines recently ranked number 1 among developing countries in Asia in terms of the use of solar systems for electricity generation. In addition, companies that commit to "going green" are proven to be more attractive to potential customers. Whether an overall approach for the entire corporation or a single initiative, companies that tap renewable energy are benefiting a number of ways.

Businesses that tap into renewable energy can better predict annual utilities costs while tracking usage more efficiently. More so, they progress toward of setting carbon dioxide emissions.

Green consumers


A whopping 84 percent of consumers globally claim to actively look for responsible products that were produced ethically or as "green" according to a 2015 study done by Cone Communications and marketing analytics-specialist Ebiquity. Nine in every 10 people, according to the same study, expect companies to address social and environmental issues in addition to turning in profits.

Moreover, a 2015 global study by Nielsen found 75 percent of the millennial generation is willing to pay extra for sustainable services and goods. It's a 25 percent hike from a similar Nielsen study in 2014. But that doesn’t exclude Baby Boomers aged 50 to 64, more than half of whom are also happy to pay extra for businesses that invest in sustain-ably produced products.

And in the case of renewable energies such as solar, you have an enterprise whose investments in sustainability will gain within a decade—meaning customers are willing to pay more, while the business is, theoretically, actually paying less.

Whether for reasons related to economics, reputation, or ethics, renewable energy is a boon to businesses.

You, too, can make a smart investment.

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