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Schedule your next solar panel cleaning

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells, generating direct current energy and then converting it to usable alternating current energy. The more light that hits a panel, the more power it will generate. But as dust and dirt build-up on the surface of installed solar panels, the amount of light hitting the panel reduces and so does its output.

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The build-up of dirt can adversely affect the panel's performance. So it is only important to clean solar panels in order to protect your investment.

Solaready Philippines has perfected solutions for safely scrubbing solar panels. With decades-long experience led by the grandmaster of clean and renewable energy in the country since late '70s Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett, Solaready PH guarantees your system will be maintained to a lifetime of high performance. Dirt, pollen, bird and bug droppings, and other debris—we can handle all those! Keep your warranty intact. Produce maximum electricity. And save more money.

We are equipped with professional solar panel cleaning equipment and have positioned ourselves to offer not only quality solar solutions but also solar panel cleaning service.

Contact Solaready Inc. to schedule an appointment for your solar panel cleaning. Call (+632) 519 0387 today.



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