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Robert Lopez Puckett: Alternative Energy Entrepreneur

Robert Lopez Puckett - The Manila Times, October 2007

For more than three decades, Renewable Energy and solar power has long been advocated by the visionary Robert Lopez Puckett as a better energy option in the country.

Puckett was the first to introduce solar, wind, micro-hydro, mini geothermal, solar water heating and other renewable energy products and devices to the Philippine market. He was also known in introducing the commercial use of electric jeepneys in public roads.

As part of the Philippine government’s drive against rural poverty, Robert Puckett promoted the universal and sustainable use of renewable energy for rural electrification. Throughout the years, Puckett has envisioned the potentials of Renewable Energy as a pivotal response in growing demand in power supply, and to address the crucial problems of climate change.

Up to now, the visionary still thrives in pioneering the use of renewable energy and clean energy projects throughout the country, thus giving birth to Solaready PH.

Founded by Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett and Mr. Miguel de Asis, a thriving entrepreneur, Solaready PH is one of the country’s most trusted solar provider and solar distributor for residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Solaready PH aims to revolutionize the electricity generation in the Philippines by delivering cost-saving energy solutions in every community. It specializes in harnessing solar power for both small and large-scale installations. It provides a diverse menu of cost-effective products and services—ranging from grid and off-grid solar panels to solar generators—with the highest environment benefits.

Every Filipino household could have its own electric company through Solaready PH.

We encourage you to shift in a cleaner and better energy option and leap towards a sustainable measure that would help move the country toward a greener tomorrow.

Share us your thoughts and contact us at (02) 519 0387.


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