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Resort in Cebu City shifts into solar power to cut power cost


To cut a big chunk in electricity bills, a resort owner in Cebu City has turned into Solar power to save energy cost.


A total of 330 pieces of solar panels were installed on the resort’s roof top. These panels are expected to contribute significant amount on the resort’s monthly savings through solar technology.

According to the latest data from the Department of Energy (DOE), the Philippines is among the country in Southeast Asia with the highest power rates as of end of 2016. Philippines has the highest commercial rate of P7.49 per kwh while household rate falls on P8.90 per kwh.

Meanwhile, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analytics (IEEFA), in its report entitled “Unlocking Rooftop Solar in the Philippines” noted that rooftop solar power generation has the potential to lower electricity costs to P2.50 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The research firm also stressed that these also bring new investment of around P1.5 trillion by 2030.

More and more people are now shifting into renewable energy sources to alleviate the burden brought by the country’s high power rates. Solaready PH is one of the country’s most trusted solar panel providers, offering a wide array of services and products that harness solar power to provide reliable and cost-effective energy source in every Filipino household.

We encourage you to take the big leap in usingvrenewable energy and be your own electric company. How? Talk to us at or call us at (+632) 519 0387.


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