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RCBC Quezon Ave is Saving Both the Planet and Their Electric Bills

People in the Philippines aren’t active users of alternative energy such as solar energy. It’s because we’ve grown accustomed to depending on electric companies to power our homes, especially in major cities. Also, because of the pricey installation fee that comes along with turning to solar energy.

But did you know that you can actually save on energy costs in the long haul when you switch to solar power?

Establishments and homes who had solar panels installed immediately had their bills cut by 25% in the first month. Big companies like RCBC Quezon Avenue and Fiesta WorldMall, Lipa were satisfied with the results because they didn’t need to compromise their energy consumption and still paid less than they did before.

RCBC Quezon Avenue had successfully saved on operating costs that they could use for other ventures and employee programs. Just take a look at how much their solar savings are in the photo below:

That’s just one of the benefits of switching to solar energy. Other great perks include minimal maintenance, no chemical emission, and safer usage. It’s a win-win situation for you and Mother Earth.

So if you’re looking for a worthwhile investment for a long time, investing in solar panels for your home or office is the way to go. You’ll get back what you paid for and as you know, caring for the environment pays off, too.

For a more sustainable future with big savings, go to our website at to see the products and services we offer.

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