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Protect your homes from foreseen 2019 price hike

The Asian Development Bank on September raised its inflation forecast on the Philippines as higher international oil prices and peso depreciation build up more price pressures. “Inflation rates in Southeast Asia are mostly stable, except in the Philippines,” the Bank said.

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This will drive transport, electricity, and food prices higher.

But if your home has solar, fuel and electricity prices won't matter to you that much. You can opt for a small system that offsets a small part of your electric bill. Solar roof installations such as grid-tied system can help you save at least P1,500 if your monthly electric bill is at least P3,000. That's already 50% you can add to your savings fund.

Other commodity rises too with energy, like food and other basic services, but you could use the gain from solar to pay off other debts like mortgage or credit cards.

Solar electricity could provide substantial economic benefits for as big as the entire country or small entity as private individuals.

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