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Proper Ashfall Cleaning for Solar Panels

Last Sunday, the southern part of Luzon is rattled by our majestic Taal Volcano’s phreatic eruption, causing a blanket of ashfall on the greater parts of Batangas, Tagaytay, Cavite, and Laguna.

The ashfall has caused muddy roads, zero visibility on cars, inedible farm produce, and even livestock and horses muddled with the thick, cement-like ash rain. Needless to say, cleaning up is going to be tedious. Especially for houses and buildings with solar panels.

You can’t simply swipe the ashes away like dust, keep in mind that these volcanic ashes are little fragments of glass (which is why it’s dangerous to inhale or come in skin contact with) so wiping the ashes off your solar panel will cause thousands of tiny abrasions on the solar panel surface.

Here are the right steps to take when cleaning your solar panel after an ashfall:

Step 1: Wear a Mask, Goggles and Proper Cleaning Clothes

Safety always comes first. After an ashfall, there are still lingering ashes in the air and direct contact on the skin can cause rashes and itching. Before getting on the ladder to swipe the ashes, wear a mask, protective eye-wear, and long sleeves and pants to keep yourself safe.

Step 2: Wipe the Ashes with Soft Materials

Soft materials such as foam and microfiber cloth would do the trick. Refrain from using steel brushes to get rid of the collected ashes faster.

Step 3: Splash the Area with Water till Clean

After you get all the big chunks of ashes out of the way, you can simply hose down your solar panels till it’s clean again.

These simple steps can help restore your solar panel back in shape after a natural phenomenon such as an erupting volcano.

But did you know a professional can come to your home and do it for you, too?

Solaready Philippines has perfected solutions for safely scrubbing solar panels. With decades-long experience led by the grandmaster of clean and renewable energy in the country since late '70s Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett, Solaready PH guarantees your system will be maintained to a lifetime of high performance. Dirt, ashfall, pollen, bird and bug droppings, and other debris—we can handle all those to produce maximum electricity and save more money.

We are equipped with professional solar panel cleaning equipment and have positioned ourselves to offer not only quality solar solutions but also solar panel cleaning service.

Contact Solaready Inc. to schedule an appointment for your solar panel cleaning.

Call (+632) 8 962 2962 today.

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