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PH sees opportunity for more hot solar projects as solar panels become the norm abroad


Globally, solar technology has shown an upward trend and the price of solar panels has dropped making large-scale solar installations cheaper and more accessible. As solar power is mainstreamed, the Philippines can take this opportunity to transition.

As an example, California has just recently became the first state in the United States to mandate solar panels for all new homes, in a move to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

The regulation will require all homes and apartments built after 2020 to have solar panels, which could yield much more in energy savings. According to estimations by the California Energy Commission, consumers will save $80 (roughly PHP 4,200) on monthly heating, cooling, and lighting bills.

Further, the new measure would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 700,000 metric tons over three years, according to the commission. It would be equivalent to taking 115,000 cars off the road.

PH opportunity


If other cities abroad have proven a successful solar market, then the Philippines could adopt solar power solutions too.


The Philippines enjoys a sizable amount of sunshine. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, the country can harness the sun’s power as its radiation across the country has a power generation potential of 4.5 to 5.5 kWh per square meter per day. With that, every on grid private household and company can utilize the power of the sun with solar panels on their own roofs.

On top of this, the government has also introduced the net-metering scheme, the first non-fiscal incentive mechanism fully implemented under the Renewable Energy Act of 2008. Excess power generated from the solar PV installation will be delivered to the local distribution grid of the electric distribution utility and will be used to offset the end-user’s electricity consumption. In other words, end-users become “prosumers” or producers and consumers of electricity at the same time. In effect, end-users are able to generate savings on their electricity bill and protect themselves against rising electricity prices.

Together with the energy department, Solaready PH is optimistic that soon enough thousands of roofs nationwide will harness the unlimited, free energy from the sun.

The best time to start harnessing the free energy from the sun is NOW.

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