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PH Power rate is one of the highest in Southeast Asia

Power rates in the Philippines are among the highest in Southeast Asia as of end of 2016,

according to the latest available data from the Department of Energy (DOE).

Based on the Power Development Plan 2017 to 2040, the country’s power rates are among the highest in the region, at par with the level in Singapore. Philippines and Singapore both have rates of P5.84 per kilowatt-hour (kwh) in terms of electricity rates to industries,

Philippines has the highest commercial rate of P7.49 per kwh while household rate falls on

P8.90 per kwh. On the contrary, Singapore has a uniform rate of P7.27 per kwh for both commercial and household.

In the same report, DOE said that the main reason for the higher prices in power rate is

attributed to the absence of government subsidies.

“Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia arguably have subsidies. In addition, taxes, fees, and

other charges are also levied on the power industry sectors composed of the generation,

transmission, and distribution levels which constitute a portion on electricity rates in the

Philippines,” the report said.

Meanwhile, a separate report from Capgemini, a French multinational professional services and business consulting firm, said that while Philippine power rates declined at 8.9% from 2015-2016,its average power rates remains the highest in Asia.

In dollars, the country’s power rate averaged 14.65 cents per kwh, compared to Hong Kong’s average rate of 15.10 cents per kwh and Singapore’s 10.89 cents per kwh.

Unlike Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the Philippine government does not subsidize

power rates. Moreover, Philippine electricity rates also cover the taxes, fees, and other

charges included in the generation, transmission and distribution rates.

The burden brought by the country’s rising power rates could be addressed if we shift into

using renewable energy sources. Renewable energy providers nowadays are emerging

to provide better options for power sources to lessen, if not alleviate the problems on high

energy costs.

One of the best and most economical renewable energy sources is solar power. Solar

power is energy derived from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. In

fact, it is claimed to be the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available.

Solaready PH thrives to harness solar power to provide reliable and cost-effective energy

source in every Filipino household, and even for commercial and industrial use. We offer a diverse menu of products and services which provide the highest environment benefits. Our goal has always been to deliver solutions that would reach every community and free each Filipino family from the burden of rising electricity costs.

Make a total shift into using renewable energy now. We will help you save a big

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