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Max's Restaurant Big Sustainable Effort

The food industry is one of the leading producers of waste. Mainly because there is so much packaging involved to ensure the food restaurants serve are up to par. However, these restaurants are getting more and more conscious with their impact to the environment.

Instead of plastic bags, paper bags are issued. Plastic straws are regulated. And the cutlery and sauce pads are no longer plastic. Another much bigger eco-friendly change restaurants are making is investing in solar panels.

One of the most beloved Filipino restaurants, Max’s Isabela, went solar powered in their effort to lead a more sustainable management. This ensured that their branch is no longer emitting harmful heat that contributes to global warming.

They’ve followed suit after several branches of different food chains around the Philippines has made the switch, too. These big food chains have discovered that not only does investing in solar energy improve the environment but also allows them to save big in the long haul.

What’s better than knowing your food is being served by people who care for the future? This is what every eco warrior wants and promotes to other fellow eco-warriors, a community that is growing every second.

Max’s Isabela is on its way to success by seeing the exponential growth and good in having clean, renewable energy for their branch. And hopefully, other branches would follow suit as well.

Interested in going solar powered as well?

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