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Let's Start Teaching the Young Ones How to Care for the Environment

All of us spent our formative years in the classroom: learning the alphabet, doing maths, writing English, and even adopting traits we carry to this day. The time we spent in the four corners of our classroom is still inculcated in each of us as we grew old.

That is why the place where we should start teaching young minds to care for the environment. That’s right, along with academics and arts, we should also begin honing them to choose eco-friendly alternatives and develop behaviors that can help us fight against climate change.

Solaready Philippines is proud to have installed a 3kW grid-tied solar system installation at Funstart Learning Center in Malabon. You’ll see their roofs covered in solar panels that absorb natural light and converts it into electricity for the school.

It is a great way to power up dozens of classrooms while allowing their students to learn how great solar energy is. They’ll see it as a possible option when it comes to choosing how they’ll power their own houses someday. It’s more energy-efficient, more eco-friendly, and more affordable, too.

Just think, if every educational center and institution from all around the Philippines would follow suit, who knows what we can accomplish in just a few years!

And why stop there? We can power entire cities, farms, and resorts by installing solar panels on their roofs. A few notable businesses such as the Firebird Gamefarm, a resort in Cebu City, and more businesses are already tapping Solaready PH to power their facilities.

To learn more about how you can power your house or business the natural way, visit for more information about our products and services.

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