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Investing in Renewable Energy in the Philippines

The Philippines is a blessed archipelago with abundant natural resources.

Solar power in the Philippines has been constantly on the rise in recent years as more and more households opt to supply their homes with solar power instead of completely relying on local power grids. Filipinos are also starting to realise that utilising solar energy and other renewable sources will lessen their carbon footprints and negate the potential harm they could have to the environment and their own communities. By installing solar, homes drastically reduce their personal carbon footprints and are offsetting the need for carbon generation.

Of course, for a regular Filipino household and businesses, the most apparent reason for going solar is to save money. It helps to reduce or even eliminate electric bills, that makes up for a large portion of your monthly expenses. By investing in solar energy, you also help yourself to avoid rising energy costs. Every year, electricity prices continue to rise throughout the country. Going solar will help to lock-in the price you pay for electricity and avoid paying for more in the future as increases happen with electricity costs.

Investing in solar power nets you a great return on your investment. An average solar purchaser sees a return on their investment of 20 percent or more, with most systems essentially paying for themselves multiple times over the course of their long lifetime. It can also increase the value of your properties; homes with solar sell more than homes without. After all, wouldn’t you rather live somewhere without monthly utility bills?

The benefits for Filipinos going solar does not stop at just financial and environmental benefits. There are plenty of additional reasons to invest in solar energy.

For instance, solar energy contributes not just to a regular household but also businesses; thereby boosting the whole economy. Solar energy helps avoid the losses in businesses during power outages due to a myriad of reasons. Many install solar to be on the cutting-edge of technology. It also aids in going greener, which both small and larger-scale businesses strive to do with their products and services.

Beyond the ones we’ve listed above, going solar will help Filipinos for multiple reasons, across decades. Whatever your motivation for investing in solar energy is, get started today with SolaReady.


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