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Ifugao Province is Gifted Clean and Renewable Energy by VP Leni Robredo

Solar energy is the perfect gift to give people from all walks of life, especially those who aren’t given the same resources in far away communities.

solaready philippines fosera

VP Leni Robredo, along with their #AngatBuhay partner Team Energy Foundation Inc. brought the gift of renewable solar to over 172 families in Ifugao Province.

solaready philippines fosera

The indigenous communities in Barangays Danggo, Luhong, Binablayan, Impugong, Ahin, and Ap-apid are now enjoying solar-powered electricity with Solaready Philippine’s Fosera Kits.

solaready philippines fosera

The Fosera Blue Line PHSH is a portable generator which re-charges under the heat of the sun. Thanks to its compact design and heavy-duty mobile energy system, it’s the perfect solar kit to distribute in rural areas.

solaready philippines fosera

Residents may now have their own solar-powered light with Fosera’s built in lamp for nighttime use.

solaready philippines fosera

Team Energy visited these 6 barangays and personally installed each one in their respective homes. It’s the 4th community to be given renewable energy by both Team Energy Foundation Inc. and Solaready PH.

solaready philippines fosera

Together, along with VP Leni Robredo, we continue to shed light in provincial communities with limited access to electricity.

You can give the gift of solar energy, too. Spread light with us at Solaready Inc.

Talk to us at for more information about our products and services.



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