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How to Maintain Your Solar Panels in the Summer

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels in the Summer
How to Maintain Your Solar Panels in the Summer

Thanks to the sun’s higher position in the sky throughout the summer months, your solar system receives more direct sunlight in April,May and June than it does at any other time of the year.

From the panels to the converter, each component of your solar system is working in overdrive. Protecting your entire system and preparing for higher rates of conversion can mean the difference between optimum output and lost energy.

A single solar panel is comprised of many cells that work together to process particles of light that can generate energy. As the cells in the panel work in unison to convert sunlight into directed energy, the solar inverter converts the energy collected into a usable current that can be used to power your home. During long summer days the cells absorb more energy, and the solar inverter converts that energy at a higher level.

It’s important to keep your solar system operating at its peak to ensure that you’re receiving the highest return on investment possible.

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels in the Summer

Proper summer maintenance will not only protect your solar system all season long, it can also identify and prevent any issues from impacting your system as the seasons change.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps that you can take to safeguard your system during the brightest days of the year.

Simple Solution 1 – Monitor Your Solar Energy Production

Throughout the year your system has endured rain, wind, unpredictable cold snaps, snow, sleet, and more. Your solar system is built to withstand mother nature but keeping an eye on your system is key to extending its lifespan.

Simple Solution 2 – Monitoring Fresh Growth

Winter freezes paired with heavy springtime rain can create new foliage growth in areas that were once shade-free, so it’s important to always check for new growth as the summer approaches. You want to check for any new shade that is cast on any part of your system throughout the day to determine what type of trimming or pruning needs to be done.

In addition to reducing shade, monitoring for fresh growth can cut down on the amount of potentially damaging debris that is dropped onto panels via wind, weather, and animals. Solar panels function as a cell, so any disruption to energy absorption in a single panel can affect your entire solar system.

When you decide to trim tree limbs that overhang solar panels, it is important to inform your arborist of the location of each panel. An experienced arborist will be able to trim limbs away from your system to reduce the risk of potential scratching or other damage to panels.

Hassle-Free Solar Optimization – Summer Maintenance Makes a Difference

Preparing your solar system for the summer is an easy and important process that will protect its longevity and functionality for years to come. Getting the most return on your investment, gaining energy independence, and benefitting from a renewable energy source are just a few of the benefits that come along with choosing solar energy. The savings that you enjoy all year long are maximized during the summer months as you see your air conditioning bill shrink.

Enjoy all that the summer sun has to offer – from a solar system designed to bring your home optimal renewable energy, to time spent outdoors with your family – thanks to a few quick and hassle-free steps that will keep your Solaready running smoothly all season long.


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