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How Does Solar Power Work?

Renewable energy comes in different forms: wind, water, and solar.

However, the most convenient way to harness natural energy is through installing solar panels. It’s one of the best options for both urban and rural living.

Solar power works by converting light from the sun into electricity. This electricity can then be used in your home or exported to the grid when it’s not needed.

Here is a solar powered home converts renewable energy:

It Starts with the Sun

The most important part of your solar energy system is the solar panel.

Once sunlight hits the panels, the silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells absorb the rays and convert it to energy with the Photovoltaic effect.

Now, you have clean energy to use in your home. But it doesn’t stop there.

Conversion via Inverter

The converted energy travels to your inverter to distribute the electricity evenly in your home. The solar inverter also provides important information about your solar panels,

From here, the AC electricity is directed to your switchboard.

Switchboard Magic

A switchboard allows your usable electricity to be sent to the appliances in your home. Your switchboard will always ensure that your solar energy will be used first to power your home, only accessing additional energy from the grid when your solar production is not enough.

The Grid

The grid is the storage for energy you do not use. But you don’t have to continuously check on it or switch it on or off, it works automatically and helps you earn solar savings.

In fact a solar system requires very little maintenance (as there are no moving parts) which means you’ll hardly know it’s there. This also means a good quality solar power system will last a long time.

That’s the beauty of solar power. Each component works hard to keep your home powered with clean energy.

Just like our team at Solaready Philippines. We pair high quality products with dedicated customer support. We’ll guide you each step of the way in your solar power journey.

Invest in a better future today.

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