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How is the Pandemic Connected to Solar Energy?

In 2020, during the early days of the pandemic people consume 30x more energy with everything happening at home: work and online classes take up a big chunk of energy consumption.

This caused a spike in energy bills between August 2020 to October 2020.

It didn’t just happen in a local setting, this phenomenon happened on a global scale.

In fact, according to Power Technology, the U.S. renewable energy consumption grew by 40% in the early days of the pandemic. Hence, people looked for ways to make their future brighter and their expenses lighter, which puts solar power into play.

Solar energy is created by installing solar panels on the roof of your home or building, absorbing sunlight, and converting it to energy to power your appliances, lights, and gadgets.

Despite the high investment cost, you can save up long-term. During 2020, people started to think of worthwhile investments such as skills, small businesses, and cost-reducing home appliances.

The spark that ignited a generation to lean towards clean energy can promote a healthier future. In terms of public health, renewable energy provides a welcome alternative to harmful emissions and other pollutants.

Now, the added health benefits are a great deal for a family looking for ways to stay healthy during a pandemic.

Solaready PH can help you make the Solar Switch.

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