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How Does Solaready PH Operate in the "New Normal"?

“New Normal” That’s the term on everyone’s radar since our transition into General Community Quarantine or GCQ.

It means things won’t go back to what it was before: casual meet ups with a group of friends, regular office days, hugging your loved ones on the streets, and even leaving the house without your mask on.

The new normal means frequent safety protocols, social distancing, and expansive health codes.

This applies to Solaready PH’s operations as well. We continue to serve you through these difficult times with our dedicated team following the safety guidelines for businesses. This includes:

- Wearing Personal Protective Equipment upon solar panel maintenance and service repair.

- Sanitization of all equipment used before and after the service.

- And lastly, strict 2 meter social distancing between our clients and our servicemen.

These protocols will ensure the health and wellness of both our clients and our Solaready Inc. workers. We value your safety above all. Just as much as we value your solar energy experience.

Together, we can weather the storm and help flatten the curve of this ongoing pandemic. All while still receiving the same excellent service by us in the “old normal”.

For advance repair or solar panel maintenance service, contact us at (+632) 7 906 8017 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email us your inquiries or concerns at



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