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How can you help fight global warming by switching to solar power?

Over the years, more and more people are leading sustainable lifestyles.

The alarming decline in our environment has woken people up to take firmer stands in aiding global warming. People are opting for reusable coffee cups, ditching single-use straws, and even doing a zero-waste challenge where they eco-brick all forms of plastic they consume.

One of the ways you can help make a big impact on the environment is by reducing your carbon footprint. And you can do that by switching to solar power.

What is Solar Power?

Solar energy has been around for a long time. In the Philippines, it was introduced by Robert Lopez-Puckett in 1976.

Solar power takes advantage of the earth’s natural and abundant resources: the sun.

The solar panels installed on your roof absorbs and stores energy to power your home. Hence, your house won’t contribute to global warming in any way.

Why Didn’t I Know This Sooner?

When Robert Lopez-Puckett brought solar energy to the Philippines, he began a company called Solaready Inc. with thriving entrepreneur, Miguel de Asis. It was a pioneer in the energy industry.

However, the expensive installation costs have kept middle and low-income families from gaining access to it. But contrary to popular belief, they are now more affordable and cost-efficient. Solar energy means solar savings. That’s automatically 30% less on your usual monthly bills.

Solaready Philippines also offers affordable packages to give households access to clean, renewable energy.

Can I fight Global Warming with Solar Energy?

One of the biggest factors in global warming is the overconsumption of electricity. Our homes emit heat and chemicals that harm our ozone layer.

When your home is powered by solar energy, you won’t be emitting anything harmful to the environment. In fact, you’ll help aid it by encouraging family members to actively choose an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Change begins in you. When you choose to be responsible in consuming energy, you’re already making a big impact.

Solaready PH is here to help you start your solar energy journey.

Let’s fight global warming together.

For more information about our products and service, contact us at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email us your inquiries or concerns at


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