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Going solar can protect you from inflation

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Inflation in the country has further soared to high levels. Only 2.9% in December 2017 when there was no TRAIN law yet, it jumped to 6.4% in August, more than half a year after TRAIN law was passed.

While high world oil prices and peso depreciation against the US dollar were among important factors, energy tax hikes under the TRAIN law—oil, LPG, coal, and coverage of VAT in electricity transmission charge—also triggered and sustained the inflationary pressure.

The effects of inflation trickle down to households and businesses—grid electricity prices fluctuate and more often than not, it tips toward getting more expensive.

This is where renewable energy sources such as solar could come in as it is able to hedge inflation.

Renewable energy system’s input is free (solar radiation) and the price of its output (electricity) adjusts to inflationary pressure. With zero-cost input, energy volume and price of renewable energy such as solar is guaranteed.

Most people who go solar will start saving money on their power bills from day 1. If the system is large enough it is possible to reduce energy usage charge to zero. Rooftop solar panels can insulate a home or business against inflation. Fuel and grid electricity prices won’t matter. Not that much.

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