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Get sun smart with grid-tied systems

Installing a solar electric system connected to the grid (grid-tied) onto your home or business can help you save money and lessen your dependency on utility company.

A grid-tied solar system generates energy from the sun and stores it in the electric utility grid, so you can use it anytime you need it. Because the grid already provides storage for the power you generate and you no longer need to buy batteries, the grid-tied system can give you the most investment value.

Partnered with monetary incentive such as net-metering, a grid-tied system allows you to sell the excess electricity you produce to the utility company and lets you earn energy credit.

Eventually, grid-tied solar systems will pay for themselves and keep saving you money.

For example, a 1kW system power is best for homes with at least P3,000 monthly electric bills. This is usually a household with a set of small air-conditioning unit, refrigerator, colored tv, and a twintub washing machine. With grid-tied system, you can save at least P1,500 in electricity.

It is worth noting that for any other additions or changes you make to your house, you will have to implement energy efficiency upgrades. If you are planning to add electric water heater or an electric heat pump system, you can expand your solar energy system too. For homes with at least P15, 000 monthly electric bills, a 5kW system is recommended.

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