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Firebird game farm taps Solaready

The home, literally, of famous game birds in the Philippines is now sun-powered with Solaready Inc. solar solutions.

Firebird Gamefarm powered by Solaready PH

Firebird Gamefarm owned by a two-time world champion cockfighter Mr. Leandro "Biboy" Enriquez, just recently installed solar roofing on their game farm facilities. Firebird is a vast 19.7 hectare property situated in the mountainous province of Tanay, Rizal.

As featured in the Diskarte ng Magaling segment of Tukaan last September 16, 2018, solar panels can be seen from the roof the Firebird Gamefarm cockpit. An avid televiewer have noticed the installation and asked Mr. Enriquez if it indeed reduces power consumption. Tukaan is the longest running TV show dedicated to the game fowl industry in the country.

Mr. Leandro "Biboy" Enriquez of Firebird Gamefarm

You can watch the full clip here:

Solar roof effectively offsets power bill regardless if it is installed on home or business establishments. As long as it enough to cover the area and sunlight is hitting the panels from the right angles.

Mr. Enriquez even shared in his segment that he has worked with Solaready PH founder Mr. Panch Puckett personally and together made successful solar installations. One is in Puerto Azul Resort back in the late ‘70s.

“I know it is efficient. You can save about 30 to 40 percent of your energy consumption [from installing solar panel solutions],” said Mr. Enriquez.

Learn how innovative leaders and companies are improving their business with solar energy systems straight from the solar pro.

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