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Easy guide to choosing the right solar company and panels

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By now, you probably have the idea that setting up a solar energy system in your home or business is a long-term investment. Hence, you want to make sure that you find the right provider for your needs. But how do you choose from the dozens of solar providers available? If you are feeling overwhelmed by your options or aren't sure where to start, use this list we've made to help you evaluate when making that decision.


One of the things you need to ensure is the performance and security of your chosen solar company in the market, and if it is going to be around for at least the next 25 years to honor the warranties when needed. Solar panels are a long lasting technology that they usually come with a 25-year linear performance warranty. If the panels are not producing the energy they're guaranteed to (usually 80-85% of its nominal power input), the solar company must be around to replace the module for you at no cost within the warranty period.

Years in business

An established solar panel company should have at least ten years under its belt. It somehow guarantees that the brand has shown its ability to survive in the industry, and should continue to do so. Some of the most reliable brands in the industry have been producing solar panels for 30 or so years.

Diverse portfolio

Having a brand that can defy a drop in the market means building a diverse portfolio—different products and different types of models. Simply put, a premium brand such as LG—one that has a much wider selection of not only solar panels but appliances, etc,—will most likely thrive than a brand that has a certain niche and is susceptible to being hurt by changes in the solar industry.

Price of solar panels

Price is a very good indicator in determining the best panel manufacturer for you. Some companies, such as Panasonic or LG, will offer premium panels that are very efficient with higher power outputs for higher price points. These are great option for someone with limited roof space looking to maximize the energy production of the area. On the other hand, if you have enough roof space, the most cost-effective option for you would be a standard wattage panel. Keep in mind the area of your roof, the energy produced by the panels, and the price you’re paying for it.

Solaready PH offers quality solar panels from two of the solar experts' favorite picks, LG and Panasonic. Both are huge, multinational corporations that have proven high modules efficiency and are likely to still be around to honor your system's warranty for the next 20 years and so.

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