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Derek Ramsay lets the sunshine in with Solaready

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Shifting to solar energy only brings positive environmental impact, cost savings, and energy security. And this multi hyphenate actor makes sure he make the switch!

It isn’t all biz and glam, for British-born Filipino model, actor, host, and athlete, Derek Ramsay a sound knowledge on environmental issues and problem solving is fundamental.

Combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and gasoline—which is currently the world’s primary energy source—add a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This contributes, if not worsens, global warming. While shifting to using the power of the sun benefits the environment by reducing carbon footprint by approximately 50 tonnes of over the life if the panels.

Just recently, Ramsay has partnered with Solaready to have his Metro Manila home installed with Panasonic 4kW solar roof kit. The kit guarantees to deliver industry-leading power conversion, extreme-all weather durability and bigger energy savings for homes.

Like Derek, who has several strings to his bow, home solar system provides multiple benefits aside from clean, truly renewable energy. Perhaps, its biggest benefit for homeowners is cost savings. Solar panels usually pay for themselves in around 10 years or so when you combine electricity bill savings, incentives, payments from utility companies for tax rebates and net-metering.

Homeowners also enjoy energy security. If some part of your local utility’s electric grid goes down, there’s nothing to worry, because your own panels still operate. The next time your utility company raises their rates, you can rest easy knowing your own home’s covered with the power of the sun.

There has never been a better time to invest in a solar system for your home too than now! See how much you can save or get a free quote.

Call Solaready at (+632) 519 0387 and, like Derek, let that sunshine in.



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