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Declining Solar Energy Costs: Why Aren't You Using It?

The majority think that the sheer fact that gas and coal power plants still produce a large amount of electricity is due to economics: those fuels are less expensive. Although it was true at one point, the premise has been completely destroyed by the significant reduction in the cost of solar and wind power during the last ten years.

In the Philippines, the cost of solar energy has significantly decreased, making it a viable option for many households and businesses. Here’s why you should consider switching to solar power and how companies like Solaready are leading the charge with high-quality solar panels.

The Decline in Solar Energy Costs

Globally, the cost of solar energy has dropped dramatically over the past decade. Technological advancements, increased manufacturing efficiency, and economies of scale have all contributed to this decline. In the Philippines, these trends are mirrored, making solar panels more affordable than ever.

  1. Technological Advancements: Innovations in solar panel technology have increased efficiency and reduced production costs. New materials and designs allow for better energy capture and conversion, providing more power at a lower cost.

According to a research, The low cost of renewable energy has caused a shift in the world's energy mix. Global renewable power capacity has more than tripled in the last 20 years, with 72% of new energy capacity coming from renewable sources in 2019.

  1. Economies of Scale: As the demand for solar panels grows, manufacturers can produce them in larger quantities, reducing the cost per unit. This increased production capacity has made solar panels more accessible to consumers.

3. Government Incentives: The Philippine government offers various incentives and subsidies to encourage the adoption of renewable energy. These include tax credits, rebates, and net metering programs that make solar power a more attractive option financially.

Why Aren't More People Using Solar Panels?

Despite the clear benefits and decreasing costs, many Filipinos have yet to make the switch to solar energy. Several barriers contribute to this hesitation:

  1. Initial Investment: The upfront cost of installing solar panels can be daunting. Although the long-term savings are substantial, the initial investment remains a significant barrier for many households and businesses.

  2. Lack of Awareness: Many people are unaware of solar energy's current affordability and benefits. Misconceptions about the effectiveness and reliability of solar panels also deter potential users.

  3. Installation Concerns: Some homeowners worry about the complexity and disruption of installing solar panels. Concerns about roof suitability and maintenance also play a role in their reluctance.

The Solaready Solution

Solaready, a leading provider of high-quality solar panels in the Philippines, addresses these concerns head-on. Here’s how Solaready is making solar energy accessible to more Filipinos:

  1. Affordable Financing Options: Solaready offers flexible payment methods that spread the cost of installation over several years, making it easier for customers to manage the initial investment.

  2. Educational Outreach: Solaready conducts extensive outreach programs to educate the public about the benefits and affordability of solar energy. By dispelling myths and providing clear information, they empower consumers to make informed decisions.

  3. Expert Installation and Maintenance: Solaready’s team of professionals ensures a seamless installation process. They assess the suitability of each site and provide ongoing maintenance to keep the solar panels operating at peak efficiency.

  4. Comprehensive Support: From consultation to installation and beyond, Solaready offers comprehensive support to its customers. This includes helping them navigate government incentives and maximize their savings.

Choosing Cheaper and Cleaner Source of Energy

The cost of solar energy has never been lower, and the benefits are undeniable. With high-quality solar panels from Solaready, Filipinos can reduce their energy bills, contribute to environmental sustainability, and gain energy independence. Now is the perfect time to make the switch to solar energy and take advantage of the declining costs and innovative solutions available in the Philippines.

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