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Concentrix Davao is powered by solar energy

Concentrix Davao

Solaready PH partner from Davao City, Concentrix, a global business process services company turned to solar for solid economic and environmental gains.

The Philippines now meets over a third of its energy needs through renewable sources.

Over the last couple of years, more than 1000 megawatts were installed in the country, just in the wind and solar sector. That translates to roughly P107 Billion entering an industry that is fairly slow-growing until three years ago. In 2016, solar power was the fastest growing source of new energy globally.


This solar boom is driven especially by large-scale rooftop solar panels installed on big companies.

The technology of solar proves to be extremely successful as it effectively reduce operational costs, protects the environment from carbon emissions, and provides cushion from electricity rate hike.

Today, any forward-thinking businesses small and big alike can tap into the potential of sunlight.

Let's talk about your first solar system. Call us at (+632) 519 0387. Solaready Inc. offers solar consulting, design and construction for commercial customers at zero cost and supplies electricity at below utility rates.



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